The time for the submission of essays to the Union Prize Essay Contest has been extended to March 1. It has been found that the original time limit--February 15--is too near the end of the mid-year period, and although the number of manuscripts forthcoming has indicated a sufficient amount of interest on the part of the students, the committee thought it advisable to extend the opportunity to many who are temporarily inconvenienced by their examinations.

The judges who will pass upon the essays have been selected, and are: Professor Irving Babbitt '89, Professor Charles Grandgent '83, and Dr. Benjamin A. G. Fuller '00. Their decision will probably be announced about a month after the close of the contest.

There will be two prizes--one of $100, and the other of $50. Authors are perfectly free in the choice of their subjects, and the only limit is that the length of the theses must not exceed 2500 words.

Manuscripts are to be hand in at the desk of the Union Library under an assumed name, and accompanied by a sealed letter containing the author's true name, and the assumed name on the outside. New members of the Union are eligible, so that those who do not belong now may enter the contest by paying the fee of $7.50.