The five committees appointed annually for the management of activities in the Freshman class, have just been announced for the class of 1924 by the officers elected last week. They are grouped as the Finance Committee, the Smoker Committee, the Jubilee Committee, the Entertainment Committee, and the Red Book Committee.

The Finance Committee, headed for the present by Corliss Lamont of Englewood, N. J., as chairman ex-officio, will be the first to start work, meeting, tonight at 8 o'clock in Standish Hall Common Room. At that time Lamont will explain the duties of the committee and will explain the details of the competitions for permanent chairman which will start immediately thereafter. The competition will be a week in length, consisting of collecting subscriptions to the treasury of the class, and is intended to net enough money to last for all the class activities during the four years it is in College. That men collecting the largest amount of money will become permanent chairman of the Committee and automatically a member of the Freshman Executive Committee. The four men who collect the next largest sums will receive sub-chairmanships on the Finance Committee.

Lee Leads Smoker Committee

It was decided by the Executive Committee that, inasmuch as Freshman Smokers have in the past few years been substituted for Dinners, the name of the Dinner Committee should be changed to that of Smoker Committee, headed by James Jackson Lee of Westwood. It will take charge of the smokers of the class of 1924 held this year.

The work of the Entertainment Committee, of which Richard Stewart Bowers of Brookline has been appointed chairman, will be enlarged somewhat this year. It plans to run and will be incharge of several Freshman "get, together" meetings, at which there will be music and refreshments. In this manner it hopes to foster class unity and promote acquaintance between men from different schools. Definite plans will be announced later.

It has been decided to appoint this year an Assistant Chairman of the Jubilee Committee and only two Sub-Chairmen instead of three as formerly. The Assistant Chairman will automatically become a member of the Freshman Ex- ecutive Committee. The Jubilee Committee will be headed by Robert Paul Bullard of Melrose Highlands.

Competitions for the editorial, business, photographic, and arts and cuts departments of the Red Book will start shortly, and will be conducted by the Chairman and Sub-Chairman already appointed. Guido Rinaldo Perera of Boston will act as Editor-in-Chief.

The officers and personnel of the Committees have been announced as follows:

Finance Committee

Corliss Lamont of Englewood, N. J. (Chairman ex-officio); John Murray Begg of Guilford, Conn.; Isadore Black of Trenton, N. J.; Sherlock Davis of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Harrison Dibblee Jr. of San Rafael, Cal.; George Dwight of Wayland; Seymour Piran. Edgerton of West Castleton, Vt.; Harry Eldridge of Hempstead, L. I., N. Y.; Charles Louis Gagnelin Jr. of Brookline; William Lloyd Garrison 3rd of West Newton; William Nahum Gates of Elyria, O.; Lewis Gordon of Glucester; John Upham Harris of Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; Barkle McKee Henry of Rosemont, Pa.; Kenneth Noyes Hill of Roslindale; Russell Sturgis Hubbard Jr. of Milton; Francis Kernan Kernan Jr. of Utica, N. Y.; Luke Burnell Lockwood of Brooklyn, N. Y.; John Lee Middleton of New York, N. Y.; Louts Rhodes Nichols of Brookline; James Joseph Phelan Jr. of Boston; Roger Spring Phillips of Brighton; Charles Knowles Pope of Boston; Eugene St. Rose Reynal of New York, N. Y.; Benjamin Manson Rice of Doyer; Phiness Shaw Sprague; Herbert Stuart Stone Jr. of Baltimore Md.; Richard Cutts Storey Jr. of Boston; Harry Blake Tyler of Milton; George Gholson Walker of Dongon Hills, N. Y.; Grafton Wolfe of Omaha, Neb.; Henry Austin Wood Jr. of Waltham; Thomas Wyatt Norris of Milwaukee, Wis.

Smoker Committee

James Jackson Lee of Westwood (Chairman); Francis Tileston Baldwin of Boston (Sub-Chairman); Charles Benjamin Barnes Jr. of Hinghham; Nelson Cabot of East Milton; Thomas Morrison Carnegle Jr. of New York, N. Y.; William Appleton Coolidge of Boston; Asa Barnes Davis Jr. of New York, N. Y.; Richard Lord Frothingham of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Riley Mills Gilbert of New York, N. Y.; Riley Mills Gilbert of New York, N. Y.; Sidney Chase Graves of Boston; Henry Sturgis Grew Jr. of Boston; Arthur Lambert Hobson Jr. of Haverhill; William Prentiss Howe Jr. of Brookline; Charles Joseph Hubbard Jr. of Readville; Langley Carleton Keyes of Winchester; Leonard Curtis Larrabee of Chicago, III.; Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. of Washington, D. C.; James Edward Merrill of Brighton; Richard Greenough Norris of Brookline; Hugh Wallace Reid of New York, N. Y.; Ernest Edward Schefer of New York, N. Y.;

Entertainment Committee

Richard Stewart Bowers of Brookline (Chairman); John Delafield DuBois of New York, N. Y. (Sub-Chairman); Walter Amory of Walpole, N. H.; George Upham Baylies of Boston; Warren Holmes Corning of Cleveland, O.; John Leo Donovan Jr. of Boston; Erwin Lawrrence Gehrke of Cleveland, O.; Morgan Hovey Harris of Chstnut Hill; Clay Harvey Hollister Jr. of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Percy Jenkins of Quincy; Darragh Louderback of Highland Park, III.; Edward King McCagg of New York, N. Y.; Malcolm Morse of Brookline; Raoul Pantaleoni of St. Louis. Mo.; Frederick Taylor Potter of Newton Center; Hamilton Fish Potter of Smithdown, L. I., N. Y.; Robert Lovejoy Raymond Jr. of Readville; Frank Manning Seamans Jr. of Weston; Donald Sears 2nd of Brookline; Thomas Forester Sherman of Milton; Adoph Sylvan Simmons of Dorchester.

Jubilee Committee

Robert Paul Bullard of Melrose Highlands (Chairman); Brooks Potter of Boston (Assistant Chairman); Stanley Noel Brown of New York, N. Y., and Harrison Gardner of Boston (Sub-Chairmen); James Todd Baldwin of Chestnut Hill; Walter Ray Baylies of Boston; Grosvenor Bemis of Chestnut Hill; Albert Conde Bickford of Pelham, N. Y.; Standish Bradford of Brookline; John Carroll Buchanan of Boston; George Herbert Carey of Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; Charles Cary Colt of Florentin, Paris; Charles Wells Farnham Jr. of St. Paul, Minn.; Raymond Barry Greene of Passate, N. J.; Thomas Procter Mandell of Hamilton; James Montgomery Newell of Boston; Campbell Newhall of Radnor, Pa.; Karl Slade Pfaffman of Qiuncy; Henry Nickerson Pratt of West Newton; Frederick August Otto Schwarz of Greenwich, Conn.; Henry Wheeler Jr. of Boston.

Red Book Committee

Guido Rinaldo Perera of Boston (Chairman); Alan Stewart Rogers of Santa Barbara, Cal. (Editorial Chairman); Arthur Paul Baldwin of New York, N. Y. (Editorial Sub-Chairman); John McKinstry Kimball of Portland, Me. (Business Chairman); Charles Bagg Cooper of Syracuse, N. Y. (Business Sub-Chairman); Parker Hamilton of Oak Park, III. (Photographic Chairman) John Henry Sherburne Jr. of Brookline (Photographic Sub-Chairman); Henry Adams La Farge of Mount Carmel, Conn. (Arts and Cuts Chairman)