In the final elimination races held on Saturday, the Inexperienced Football Men crew triumphed over the other three Freshman crews in a startling finish sweeping up from behind the Experienced Football Men in the last few lengths.

As a result of the races held on Thursday and Saturday the crews have been rearranged according to ability and the first boat is now seated as follows: Bow, C. H. Hollister; 2, Standish Bradford; 3, B. Mck. Henry; 4, R. S. Hubbard; 5, C. J. Hubbard; 6, Parker Hamilton; 7, A. L. Hobson; stroke, J. R. Hoover; coxswain, B. H. Burnham.

With the weather cold and a strong cross wind blowing, the four boats were sent off shortly after five o'clock from the cottage Farm Bridge with a mile course set for them to cover. Showing power and finish the Experienced football men soon took the lead which they held until the final spurt of the race, when superior weight and more skilled management sent the Inexperienced Football Men a quarter of a length into the lead. With the Experienced Football Men second, the first and second Autumn crews were next in line, respectively one half and three quarters of a length behind.

Good Time Made

The time of the race--5 minutes and $2 seconds--was exceptionally good, but the length of the race was slightly under one mile, and therefore the time is not exact.

Dr. Howe expressed himself as very well satisfied with the appearance of the crews, with the material he has at hand and with the race.

The whole Freshman squad has been rearranged and is now composed of four regular crews, two 150 pound crews, four 4-oared crews, six dormitory crews, and one probation crew. Captains have been chosen by lot for all of these except the first crew and the last three dormitory crews.

Coach Howe stated emphatically when the crews were made out, that the seating was only temporary and that there would be numerous changes before the final crew to race Yale was formed.