Washington, as is always the case when a new administration installs itself in its official home is overrun with diplomats and envoys from all parts of the world. In this connection one event will arouse great interest--the intended visit to this country by Rene Viviani, former Prime Minister of France. Previous press reports from Paris intimated that M. Viviani's mission would be an attempt to obtain the cancellation of the French debt to the United States. The news was denied by the French government; in fact M. Jusserand expressed in no uncertain terms his indignation at these false reports. According to the authorities at Paris, the French ex-minister's mission will resolve itself into inviting and urging the United States to enter the League of Nations provided that Article X be stricken out. The main argument will probably be that the League cannot operate successfully without the co-operation of the United States as a member. It will also be urged that separation of the covenent from the treaty would render the treaty less secure.

Thus the arrival of M. Vivlani in Washington will put the new administration to a test as regards its attitude and, in all likelihood, its intended action in regard to the League and the Treaty of Versailles. The omission of Article X will remove one of the great objections preferred by the leaders of the party now in power. It remains to be seen how much of an attraction this proposed alteration will prove.