Instruction in Use of Saber Will Be Given to Second Year Students in R. O. T. C. Course--Form Voluntary Motor Mechanics Class

Beginning this week, second year equitation students in the Field Artillery Unit are to be given a course in fencing. This will take the form of both mounted and dismounted drill with practice sabers; the dismounted work to develop the muscles of the wrist and arm, and also to accustom the men to the use of the weapon; the mounted exercises to give the students practice in the control of a horse, while using a saber. The training, it is hoped will tend to prepare the men for playing polo, in case the equipment, ponies, stables, and field should become available. The use of the saber, while mounted, is very similar to that of the polo mallet, and the course should make available a large number of men trained in the control of the horse, in the event of the formation of a polo team.

A voluntary motor mechanics class has been organized by the Military Science Department for men taking the R. O. T. C. course, who wish to obtain information about gasoline engines. Many students in the Field Artillery Unit have enrolled and will be given two lectures a week throughout the spring on the subject; together with some practical experience in driving and repairing various types of engines. Lt. Warren is in charge of the instruction.