The suggestion made in today's communication as to an Association of School Clubs is exceedingly practical. In view of the fact that a considerable majority of our undergraduates come from long-established preparatory schools the efficacy of approaching them through the school clubs at Harvard is apparent. This can best be accomplished through organized cooperation.

These clubs are not alogether inactive at the present time. By donating trophies and sending occasional speakers to their respective schools, they endeavor to arouse interest in the University. Some even invite members of each year's graduating class to Cambridge in order to give them an idea of the opportunities which Harvard offers to its students. All too few preparatory schools, however are represented in this category; many schools have no Harvard club at all. The active bodies, moreover, originate in institutions most of whose graduates come here because of proximity or tradition and are little influenced by the further representations of men in college. With a view to extending the work of the school club to preparatory institutions where Harvard traditions are not of the strongest, the Student Council should immediately take measures to effect their establishment on an influential basis.