Instrumental Clubs Patronesses.

The patronesses of the Harvard Instrumental Clubs concert and dance to be held at the Hasty Pudding Club Theatre, Monday night, April 4, will be the following:

Mrs. Andrew Adie, Mrs. G. P. Baker, Mrs. H. T. Baldwin, Mrs: G. L. Batchelder, Mrs. A. T. Bradlee, Mrs. F. W. Denton, Mrs. S. B. Fessenden, Mrs. F. H. Hallowell, Mrs. B. S. Hurlbut, Mrs. F. L. Kennedy, Mrs. Charles Heabody, Mrs. A. L. Rogister, Mrs. Winthrop Sindo, Mrs. Henry. C. Stotson, Mrs. A. A. Thorndike, Mrs. Charles Walcott and Mrs. Scott Winslow.