Four Hundred Men New Working Have Given 18 Entertainments During Winter Besides. Holding Regular Classes.

The Philips Brooks House has announced that it needs more workers for the spring season and that it is not too late for anyone to start. There are at present about 400 men on the working list, some of them steadily and others only periodically. The greatest need at present is men for settlement house work, which is divided into groups for teaching night-schools, Sunday schools, library work and entertainment. All the pupils are young and the work is both interesting and instructive.

During the past winter 18 entertainments have been given by student singers, monologists, jazz orchestras, etc. Audiences of from 75 to 450 attend these entertainments which have been held in various parts of Boston. The club groups are made up of boys from 8 to 16 years, whom the worker meets once or twice a week, giving instruction in athletics, games, or taking hikes. Teaching classes in night school one or two nights a week is another form of this work. Library work and teaching Sunday school are two other departments of the work in which more men are needed.