Election of Key Men is Last Five From Senior Class Before The Last Group to Be Chosen at Final Examination Period

Five Seniors have been elected to membership in the Phi Beta Kappa: Horace Bancroft Davis of Brookline; Samuel Leo Fuss of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a transfer student from the University of Pittsburgh; Julian Lawrence Holley of Bristol, Connecticut, a transfer student from Williams College; Charles Hartshorne of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a transfer student from Haverford College; and Fulmer Franklin Mood of Oakland, California. Only five more members of this class will be taken into the Phi Beta Kappa. These will be elected at the time of the Final Examinations on special consideration for honorary degrees.

No reply has been received as yet to the challenge for a baseball game sent to the Yale chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa.

The date for the spring dinner has not yet been decided upon, but will be announced later.