Airmen Not to Represent Harvard But Will Fly Independently--Four Men Probably to Take Part in Mineola Affair Scheduled for May 13

Although the University will have no official representation at the annual meet of the Intercollegiate Flying Association scheduled to be held Friday, May 13, at Mineola, L. I., several individual members of the University will take part in the meet at their own risk and under their own management. These men will have absolutely no connection with the College authorities in respect to the meet, and will not be considered in any manner as a University team.

The four members of the University who in all probability will fly on May 13 are D. R. Carse '22, L. C. Holden Jr. 1L., E. H. Kelton 3ES. and H. C. Knox 3L. Other men who may enter the meet are B. N. Bass 1L., S. R. Ogden 1L, and J. P. Treanor 2M. All of these are reserve polots in the U. S. Aviation Service except Holden and Knox, who saw service overseas and are Aces. Holden also fiew for Princeton last year in the intercollegiate meet.

All the other men mentioned above also went to France with the American Expeditionary Force except Carse, who was in the service in this country during the war. Kelton, who is president of the University Aeronautical Society, flew at the intercollegiate meet last year, and has already passed his physical examination for the meet this spring.

At present negotiations are being conducted with the War Department to determine whether or not it will supply the planes for the meet. But the program has already been definitely arranged. Be sides the curtain-raiser, as twelve-mile race in two laps of six miles each, an exhibition will take place of dare devill stunts, consisting of slides and glides, toops and dives, and other manoeuvres and tacties used by fliers in actual war fare.

Following the exhibition in accurate landing will come the last event, an alertness contest, involving speed trials in starting the planes and getting them off the ground. This race will start with the pilots in their tents. They will don their flying garb, run to their planes, start them, make a short flight, and return to their stations.