Princeton Draws From East But Has Very Few From New England Schools in Comparison with University

Some interesting facts are to be drawn from the examination of the sources of enrollment of the 1924 classes of Harvard and Princeton. Three fourths of the firs year class at Harvard prepared at schools in New England. The schools in the North-Eastern part of the United States, including New England, send a total of 491, while the institutions of the South-Atlantic and Western sections are each represented by a total of 13 men, while those of the North Central division have 25 representatives in the freshman class.

A survey of the list, state by state, shows that 312 members of this class have been graduated from Massachusetts schools; 55 from New Hampshire; 40 from New York; 23 from Connecticut; 23 from New Jersey; 16 from Pennsylvania, and fifteen from Rhode Island. The schools of some of the other states have as many as ten representatives.

The members of the Princeton 1924 class come from more varied locations. In comparison to over 400 from New England schools at Harvard, there are only 22 from that division at Princeton; 12 from Connecticut; 8 from Massachusetts; 1 from Vermont; 1 from Maine; 2 from Rhode Island; and none from New Hampshire. The Eastern states send by far the largest number 320 out of a total of 464 coming from that locality. The Middle-west is second in the numbers of representatives with a total of 63 the South comes next with 25 and the West last with.