As the end of the College year approaches and many Harvard men, especially Seniors, are confronted with the problem of "getting jobs", a consideration of the important work carried on by the Appointment office of the Harvard Alumni Association is of particular interest. According to a report issued recently, most men who have secured positions through the office have entered the manufacturing field, while mercantile work, public accounting, and foreign trade stand next in the list. In addition many graduates have been placed through various agencies such as the Harvard Clubs and certain departments of the University that have cooperated with the Alumni Association.

Creditable as is the record of the Appointment Office to date, there is great opportunity for a more complete utilization of its facilities by Harvard men, especially members of the graduating class. For his own sake every man who is looking for a job should avail himself of the privilege of registering at the office. Inasmuch as the Alumni Association keeps in touch with the graduates who held positions of responsibility it is able to place applicants under conditions that promise advancement and success. The office is constantly endeavoring to broaden its scope and to extend its facilities; Harvard men who are considering positions should give it an opportunity to show what it can do. It makes no charge for the services it renders, trying only to assist all who register by finding them jobs--jobs for which they are fitted and in which they will make good.