Scenery and Lighting for Spring Production to Be Unusual--D. M. Oenslager '23 Is Designer of Settings for One-Act Pieces

Tickets for $2.20 and, for undergraduates, $1.65, to the Cambridge performances of the Dramatic Club can be obtained at Leavitt and Peirce's and the Cooperative Society, and tickets to the matinee at the Wilbur Theatre can also be procured at the box office, at Herrick's and at the Little Building ticket office. The prices for the Boston performances will be $2.20, $1.65 and $1.10, while those for the performance at Wellesley, which are on sale at Leavitt and Peirce's and the Cooperative Society only, will be $1.10 and 80 cents.

The scenery for the three plays, designed and painted by D. M. Oenslager '23, and executed by N. L. Hatch '21, is nearing completion. "Hagoromo," the Japanese piece, will be presented on a conventionalized "Noh" stage, according to the customary Japanese style. The scenery for this stage consists of a single back-drop, on which is painted a Japanese pine tree, posts, with railings at each corner, and a regular "Noh" cyclorama. The lighting is done solely by spot lights, and a beautiful fantastic effect can be produced.

"Wurzel Flummery," by Mr. A. A. Milne, author of "Mr. Pim Passes By," which recently met with success in New York, will be staged in a sunny English morning room, with walls of yellow and orange, making an attractive setting for the furniture, which is upholstered in blue. For Maeterlinck's "The Blind," the dark, glommy scenery, after the style of Arthur Reckham's executions, will be used. The lighting effects will tend to throw the actors into sharp silhouette.

The costumes for "Wurzel Flummery" and "The Blind" are being designed by D. M. Oenslager '23, assisted by a Boston artist, while the original "Noh" costumes in the Museum of Fine Arts are being copied for "Hagoromo."