Members of Local or Associated Posts of American Legion Can Vote at Meeting in Union at 7.30--Seven to Be Chosen for Executive Committee

The election of next year's officers of the James A. Shannon Post of the American Legion, the University post of the organization, will take place this evening at 7.30 o'clock in the Trophy Room of the Union. Professor J. L. Coolidge '95 and W. G. Brocker '22 are the nominees for Commandant. Professor Coolidge is the present holder of this office. Professor K. G. T. Webster '93 is also up for re-election as Historian. Only seven of the fourteen nominees for the Executive Committee will be chosen. The complete list of nominations, upon which all members of the Shannon Post and associated American Legion posts can vote, is as follows:


Professor J. L. Coolidge '95.

W. G. Brocker '22.


Professor J. B. Conant '14.

M. M. Warren '10.


L. K. Garrison 2L.

G. F. Jewett 1G.B.

Assistant Adjutant

Garrett Mattingley '23.

S. W. Anderson 1G.B.


Professor K. G. T. Webster '93.

W. I. Tibbetts '17.


K. C. MacArthur '05.

Murray Dewart '94.


R. N. Johnson '22.

A. E. Bent '22.

Executive Committee

Walter Amory '24.

C. F. Batchelder Jr. 1E.S.

G. C. Caner 8M.

Reginald Coggeshall 3G.

F. W. Crocker '22.

A. L. Gardner 2L.

R. L. Goodale 2M.

Dr. R. I. Lee '02.

Professor R. B. Merriman '96.

K. B. Murdock '16.

Professor Theodore Lyman '97.

Professor C. R. Post '04.

F. S. Winston 2L.

Bayard Wharton '22.