University Victorious in Seven Inning Tussle With Freshmen, Winning After Breaking Tie in Sixth

UNIVERSITY.  NEW HAMPSHIRE. Conion, s.s.  l.f., Perry Emmons, 2b.  2b., Broderick Lincoln, 3b.  3b., Butler Owen, 1b.  r.f., Lundholm Hallock, c.f.  c.f., Connor Janin, l.f.  1b., Bailey Crocker, r.f.  s.s., Haggerty Blair, c.  p., Anderson Russell, p.  c., Champaign

The New Hampshire State College nine that plays the University baseball team at 4 o'clock this afternoon at Soldiers Field has not as yet shown much strength. Its initial game was against Boston University on April 28, and resulted in an 8-2 defeat for today's visitors. Two weeks before this, Coach Slattery's men, not playing up to their usual from, had downed B. U. by the score of 5-1. If anything can be learned from a comparison, the University should not have much trouble today, and if Russell shows what he showed against Colby, the contest will be distinctly one-sided.

University Line-Up Unchanged

For the University, the same line-up will start that opposed Colby, and the same, with the exception of Russell, that defeated Bowdoin last Monday. All but the outfielders are practically assured of their positions, and until Thayer comes back to the game to make a fight for the post he lost through water on the knee, the outfield will probably remain as it is.

While the Second Team was playing on their field yesterday afternoon the Freshman players gave the University a short tussle in a seven-inning practice game, the latter winning 4-2. Goode, Russell, Hallock and Conion were given a day off, and Crockett, Bigelow, Clark and Shaw substituted for them. E. L. Gherke, pitching for the yearlings, made a good showing, holding the University to four hits, and fanning six men. Bigelow, who was on the mound for the University during six innings, also allowed but four hits and struck out five Freshmen, retiring the last three by this method. The 1924 team played good ball throughout, and had the score tied until the sixth, when Carnegle's overthrow of first base gave the University two runs.

The batting order yesterday:

University. C.f., Clark; 2b., Emmons; 3b., Lincoin; 1b., Owen; s.s., Shaw; l.f., Janin, Lee; r.f., Crocker; C., Blair, Macomber; P., Crockett, Bigelow.

1924.--S.s., Percy Jenkins; 2b., F. S. Hill; c.f., Lewis Gordon; 3b., T. M. Carnegle; C., L. C. Larrabee; l.f., A. S. Rogers; 1b., R. G. Norris; r.f., R. C. Mann; p., E. L. Gehrke