Through the Summer


We hear an occasional echo nowadays that Yale is running down--that the undegraduates are not what they used to be. These morbid sounds come largely from the lips of those who were in college in the golden days of football supremacy. Results of the last few years led them to suppose that every other tradition has suffered in similar relapse. Accordingly the old and suspicious graduate will be watching with malevolent eye the actions of the college off for the summer. Occasionally he is rewarded by a freshman wandering from the straight and narrow path. The story, swollen by ingenious rumor, proceeds on its devasting path about the country. The results are discouraging.

Now as a matter of fact the straight and narrow path is neither particularly straight nor uncomfortably narrow. Almost anything short of arson and robbery, if done gracefully, will escape notice. The task of representing Yale should not be difficult for men trained on this campus. There are only a few things to remember and the greatest of these is courtesy. Accordingly through the approaching summer when the horned gentleman tempts to crime remember that the critical graduate and the gossipping world are at his heels. And their tongues wag loudly--like a minority of touchdowns in November. Yale News