Thirteen Chosen on Basis of Work Done for Spring Production

As a result of its spring competition, the Dramatic Club announces the election of thirteen new members. Their names and the departments under which they were elected are as follows:

Acting: George Moss Kendall '24, of Bridgewater; William Chapin Jackson '22. of Darien, Conn.; and Randal Cayford Burrell Unc., of Newton.

Stage: Hilding Fridtjof Conrad Banson '23, of Exeter, N. H.; Joseph Stanislaus Jablonski '23, of Rochester, N. Y.; and William Howell Wells '28, of Montclair N. J.

Lighting: Clifford Warren Smith '24, of New York, N. Y.

Orchestra: Malcolm Lowell McElroy '23, of Cincinnati, O.; and Howard Magoun Forbes '22, of Cambridge.

Business and Publicity: Paul Emory Jones '22, of Milford; Morison Blake '23, of Concord; and William Thomas Salter '22, of Milton.

In addition to the above, Marshall Ayres Best '23, of Evanston, Ill., was elected because of his general good work in connection with the production.