Candidates for Track Team to Report at 2.30 and Harriers at 4.30 at Locker Building-Instruction to be Given in Discuss and Javelin Throwing

Track candidates are to report at 2.30 and cross-country candidates at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the Locker Building. The work for the coming season will be outlined in detail at this time. If weather conditions are favorable, the regular track squad will practice for about a month, emphasis being placed on the drill in fundamentals and on the preparation for the discus and javelin throwing events which have been added to the Intercollegiate program. Mr. J. Mikkola, one of the coaches of the Finish Olympic team in 1920, will instruct the men in the new events.

The Intercollegiate cross-country meet at Van Cortiand Park in New York on November 21 will be the closing event of the season for the harriers. Coach Bingham as well as Coach Farrell will be in charge of the squad which is to work out on the new Cambridge course that starts from the Stadium and covers seven and a half miles in all. The short cuts have been so arranged that there are several different routes to choose from, the routes varying some what in their difficulty and length. Occasionally the squad will be sent out to run the Belmont course. Dual Meets will be held with Cornell, M. I. T. and Yale.