In preparation for Saturday's game with the United States Military Academy five at West Point, Coach Wachter has given his basketmen no rest since the contest with Clark Tuesday evening, and this afternoon sent three teams against Coach Tolbert's yearlings at the Freshman Gymnasium.

In the opening contest, with University Team A pitted against the first Freshman five, the red-jerseyed players secured the verdict by a count of 27-15.

As a result of the recent game with Clark Coach Wachter has decided to discontinue the new formation which worked with such success against the yearlings, and the line-up against West Point will be the same as that used yesterday.

A steady improvement has marked the work of the Freshman team during the last week, as was evident in yesterday's contest with the University five. With the contest against Tufts 1925 but two days off, Coach Tolbert has been giving his players stiff work-outs during the past week which culminated in yesterday's scrimmage with the University. Friday's game will be the opening event on the 1925 schedule, and will furnish the coaches with an opportunity to watch the team in action for the first time against an evenly matched quintet.

University B Wins Easily

Following the University-Freshman contest, the second teams of the two squads met, the red-jerseyed players proving superior and smothering their opponents under a 30-10 score. Team C of the University experienced no difficulty in defeating Coach Tolbert's third in the closing match of the afternoon.

The line-up for the first game follows: UNIVERSITY A  1925 A McLeish, r.f.  l.g., D. P. Loker Gordon, l.f.  r.g., A. W. Samborski Fitts, c.  c., J. L. Scully Black, r.g.  l.f., J. E. Bunting Rudofsky, l.g.  r.g., Samson Merriam