The University hockey squad had a stiff forty-minute scrimmage with Coach Humphrey's yearlings yesterday afternoon at the Arena, winning over the speedy Freshman sextet in a hard struggle. In the early part of the work-out it was evident that it was the yearling's first experience on the Arena ice, but the novelty soon wore off, and the University skaters had to stiffen up in order to check the growing attack which the Freshmen were uncovering. Coach Claflin's men evidently were not expecting to find stiff opposition and seemed to fall back to their old fault of not getting underway at the start. But when the Freshman attack was well developed, they found it no easy task to score, and it was ten minutes before they were able to successfully break up the yearling defence as Martin recovered the puck from a scrimmage before the Freshman goal and drove it home. When the University finally got their stride they proved to be a little too much for the yearlings and ran up a small margin.

The 1925 team showed up unexpectedly well in the coach's opinion, and if they present the same brand of hockey tomorrow the Newton High skaters should have strong opposition.

Higgins, who had changed places with Cantillon and was defending the Freshman net, played an accurate game, stopping many of the shots of his own teammates and helping the yearlings to hold down the University score. The line-up was as follows: UNIVERSITY  1925 Baker, Larocque, Lamont, r.w.  l.w., Burgess, Austin, Rose, Tyler, Mann Martin, Larocque, Phillips, c.  c., Bonbright, Mann, Cordingly Walker, Hill, Angier, l.w.  r.w., Peirson, Gibb, Hamilton Owen, Graves, c.p.  c.p., Hodder, Hammond, Danker Crosby, Gratwick, p.  p., Chase, Bowland, Pond, Crowley Cantillon, g.  g., Higgins

There will be a complete lay-off for the University stickmen today, but they will attend the Dalhousie-M. I. T. game in the Arena at 8.15 tonight to see the strong Canadian team that they are to oppose tomorrow.