After Initial Slump, University Team Rolls Up Big Score Against Freshmen--Yearling Squad Has Made Marked Improvement

Using for the first time the new shift in the line-up decided on after Wednesday's scrimmage, the University basketball team gained a decisive victory over Coach Tolbert's yearlings yesterday afternoon in the Freshman Athletic Building. The 1925 quintet gained an early advantage, but Coach Wachter's men, recovering from the temporary slump caused by their unfamiliarity with the new formation, quickly cut down this lead and caged basket after basket, the final score being 35-15.

Owing to the success of the team yesterday afternoon, Coach Wachter has decided to adopt the new line-up in Saturday's game against Worcester. In accordance with this shift, Gordon, left forward on the team, has been moved back to guard, his position in the front line being taken by Lowenthal. This combination will add materially to the scoring power of the team. Captain McLeish and Lowenthal are both forwards of unusual ability, and Fitts, by his brilliant work yesterday, proved himself an excellent shot, in addition to being a good floorman, while Gordon, at roving guard, may be depended on for a large share in the scoring.

Immediately following the University-Freshman contest, Coach Wachter sent his second team against Team B of the 1925 squad, the former piling up an early lead and winning easily, 41-10. The last game of the afternoon was between Team C of the University and the yearling third quintet. Outplayed during the entire first half, the Freshman five came back with a strong attack in the second period, and succeeded in nosing out a 29-28 victory.

Starting the season last November with prospects which were none too bright, the yearling squad has since showed a very marked improvement, especially in its work during the last three weeks. The game with the University team yesterday was the last stiff practice before the opening of the season, and gave Coach Tolbert an opportunity to make a few minor shifts in preparation for the game with Water-town High next week.

The following was the line-up of the first teams yesterday afternoon: UNIVERSITY TEAM A  1925 McLeish, r.f.  l.g., A. W. Samborski, Donald Bourne Pallo, Lowenthal, l.f.  r.g., G. M. Quivey, D. P. Loker Fitts, c.  c., J. L. Scully Gordon, Black, r.g.l.f.,  Samson Merriam Rudofski, l.f.  r.f., J. E. Bunting, I. M. Barnett