The elections for officers of the Class of 1925 will be held on Wednesday, October 25, from 8.45 until 6 o'clock. The polls will be placed in Sever Hall and inside the Class of '77 Memorial Gate on Massachusetts Avenue. The polls in Sever Hall will be open only from 8.45 o'clock until 1 o'clock. The polls at the Class of '77 Memorial Gate will be open until 6 o'clock.

All men who entered College with the Class of 1925, and all transfer students registered as 1925 are eligible to vote. All such men are considered as members of the Sophomore Class, and the sixty percent vote of the class which is required-to make the election valid is reckoned on that basis. The election committee wishes to emphasize the fact that it is highly necessary for all such men to vote, and it suggests that all men who are in doubt regarding their present standing should cast their vote anyway. The question of the validity of the vote will be settled by the election committee and the College Office. It will make the work of the election committee easier and quicker if Sophomores will cast their votes on Wednesday morning on their way to or from classes.

List of Nominations Given

The complete list of nominations follows:


H. M. Bohlen.

B. F. Rice-Bassett.

P. H. Theopold.


H. T. Dunker.

A. B. Harlow.

W. W. Ingraham.


Gardiner Cowles Jr.

Morrison Mills.

P. H. Robb.

Student Council Members

F. G. Akers.

G. W. Burgess.

G. D. Braden.

M. W. Greenough.

A. D. Samborski.

Election Committee Chosen

The following members of the Junior Class have been appointed to act as an election committee. This committee will have general charge of the election such as the appointment of poll watchers and the counting of ballots:

F. S. Hill, Chairman

Brooks Potter

Corliss Lamont

G. G. Walker

C. C. Colt

F. T. Baldwin

The following is a list of the poll watchers and the time and place at which they are to serve. If, for any reason, any of the men listed cannot report for duty they must arrange to send a substitute:

To serve at '77 gate:

8.45-10.--H. N. Pratt, G. V. Baylies.

10-11.--F. T. Potter, Harrison Dibblee Jr.

11-12.--B. M. Rice, J. T. Baldwin.

12-1.--J. P. Monks, J. C. Buchanan.

1.15-2.--P. S. Sprague Jr., W. H. Corning.

2-3.--W. N. Gates, W. A. Coolidge.

3-4.--Darragh Louderback, A. B. Davis Jr.

4-5.--J. M. Newell, E. E. Schefer.

5-6.--W. R. Baylies, H. C. Lodge Jr.

To serve at Sever Hall:

8.45-10.--C. H. Hollister Jr., Grosvener Bemis.

10-11.--J. M. Begg, E. K. Merrill.

11-12.--M. H. Harris, L. F. Brigham.

12-1.--F. M. Seamans Jr., Nelson Cabot.

Rules for Balloting

In the balloting for the offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer the preferential system of voting will be employed. Each elector must indicate his order of preference for all candidates for each office. A first choice counts one, a second two, and so on. The candidate receiving the lowest numerical total will be declared elected. Any ballot on which all the candidates for any office have not been voted upon shall be declared invalid for that office.

This system is not employed in the election of the student council member. The elector, in voting for a candidate for that office, should write down only his first choice.