Today the team will not win--unless every man in the University realizes the importance, and the danger, of the game. Today there is no more reason for overconfidence than 371 days ago, when the University played in Palmer Stadium. Today the "rejuvenated. Tiger", as the newspapers call the Princeton team, takes the field. It appears as the "mystery team" of the East. It is coming--not like so-called "mystery teams" of the past, to show a few tricks, and be shuffled off into the discard--it is coming to repeat the tricks which have worked before. "Come seven" has often meant "touchdown" to Princeton. For three years the signal has worked. No man now playing on the University squad has participated in a victory over Princeton. Narrow, indeed, is the gate, and few are they that enter therein.

Today every man in the University knows what the game is going to be. "Come, eleven" means "victory". That signal for this afternoon!