Colonial--"Orange Blossoms". Mediocre midseason musical medley.

Fine Arts.--"The Beggar's Opera", by John Gay, 1728. Last week of a delightful archaism. The music alone has won it many "repeaters".

Hollis.--"Bull-Dog Drummond", with H. B. Warner. A slap-dash mystery melodrama, which the audience swallows eagerly on the mutual agreement of "No Questions Asked!"

Plymouth.--"The Dover Road", by A. A. Milne. First Boston sample, since "Mr. Pim", from this prolific young Englishman. Charles Cherry does a good turn.

Shubert.--"Daffy Dill", in which Frank Tinney is the whole show.

Tremont.--"Captain Applejack", a concoction of mystery, imagination, and plain farce, with Wallace Eddinger and (less prominently) Mary Nash.

Wilbur.--"The Bat". A mystery, but not of the Germanic Museum variety.