Stipend to be About $400 from Memorial to Charles H. Fiske 3d, '19--Awarded by Council of Trinity College

The last day for receiving applications for the nomination to the Charles H. Fiske 3d Scholarship at Trinity College, England, will be April 15. Applications must be filed on or before that date at President Lowell's office.

The stipend of the Fiske Scholarship will be in the neighborhood of $400. This scholarship was established in 1919 by Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Fiske Jr., in memory of their son, Charles H. Fiske 3d '19. It is awarded by the Council of Trinity College, Cambridge, on nomination by the President and Fellows of Harvard College to make possible a year of study at Cambridge University by an American. The candidate shall be at least qualified for admission to Harvard University and it is provided that the scholarship shall be tenable for one year but may be renewed for a second or a third year.

Last year the scholarship was not regularly awarded but an honorary award of it was later made to Henry R. Atkinson '21.