Academy Has Championship Record This Season--Yearlings Favored by Statistics--Milton Has Veterans in Pope and Harding

HARVARD 1925  MILTON Peirson, r.w.  l.w., Ladd, Saltonstall Beals, c.  c., Harding Burgess, l.w.  r.w., Pope (Capt.) Hodder (Capt.), r.d.  l.d., Higgins Hammond, l.d.  r.d., Knowles Cantillon, g.  g., Barker

The Freshman hockey team will play Milton Academy this afternoon on the Cunningham rink, Milton. The Academy has an especially strong team this year with three of last season's skaters still on the ice. Harding, Ladd, and Pope were all reliable men then and, as they are playing together in the forward line tomorrow they promise to be a serious threat. Pope is again captaining the sextet after his brilliant career last year and will furnish the Hodder-Hammond yearling defence plenty of opportunities for good protective work. Harding may be classed as an equal in speed, but when it comes to stick work he is almost his superior. It was his clever shooting that ranked him as the individual star of the 1920-1921 Milton team, for he scored six of the goals in the Middlesex game.

The Crimson, however, should have the advantage at the goals as Cantillon has proven himself capable in most of yearling contests, while Barker, who is defending the Academy net, is a new man in the line-up. It is likely the outcome of the game will be decided by these men as both teams are well trained in the fundamentals of team-work and both have some excellent individual performers. Statistics, on the other hand, would give the yearlings an advantage as they were able to down Middlesex by a score of 5-0, while the Orange and Blue were victors only by the small reckoning of 2-1. But this speculation is of little value as Middlesex had greatly improved her team-work when she faced Milton on Saturday, while the latter has had a clean slate all season.