Game Won and Lost at Nets--Crimson Outplays Opponents, but Poor Goal-Tending Allows Schoolboys Three Tallies on Easy Shots

Outplaying the St. Paul's sextet in nearly every department, the Freshman hockey team went down to a 3-0 defeat in the contest at Concord, N. H. on Saturday. The game was won and lost at the goals, for Mason, who tended the St. Paul's net stopped every one of the hard drives that the coordinating forward line drove at him, while Cantillon let three easy, bouncing shots slide by.

In all other respects the Crimson had a slight advantage over their opponents, and more than once broke through the St. Paul's defence only to have their will directed shots stopped at the goal. The yearling team-work was functioning perfectly and it was this perfection that gave them an edge over the Concord team on the open field work. Though the latter sextet had improved their coordination since they met the University skaters last December, they were still ragged in certain respects. They more than made up for this in the individual work of Mason at the goal, and of Ferguson and Davis who took the aggressive in all the St. Paul's attacks.

Yearlings Strong on Defence

The yearlings were especially strong in their defensive work for at no time did the St. Paul's forward line get by the Hodder-Hammond combination, and the three goals that were scored were products of long inaccurate shots. Hodder not only fulfilled his defensive duties to perfection, but also took the burden of many offensive operations upon his shoulders.

The game opened with a long spirited scrimmage which lasted well into the period, and it was here that the Crimson's superiority in open in-work and the St. Paul's superiority at the goal was noticed. But after Mason had stopped a volley of shots Ferguson took the aggressive and worked his way into the yearling ice. A misdirected drive glanced from Hammond's guards and went to the draperies scoring the first point. The second tally came in the next period with a bouncing shot from Ferguson after a long scrimmage in which the yearlings had the apparent advantage, several times bombarding the agile goal-tender. In the final session the St. Paul's skaters tightened up and brought heavy pressure upon Hodder and Hammond defence who were able to turn away the attack only after Davis had scored the final point on a hurried shot.

The summary: ST. PAUL'S  HARVARD 1925 Ferguson, r.w.  l.w., Burgess, Austin Clothier, c. c., Beals,  Bonbright, Burgess Howe, Grange, l.w.  r.w., Person, Bibb, Bonbright Laughlin, r.d.  l.d., Hammond, Burgess Davis, l.d.,  r.d., Hodder Mason, g.  g., Cantillon

Score: St. Paul's 3, Harvard 1925 0. Goals: Ferguson 2, Davis. Referee: Mr. Scudder. Goal Umpires: Merrick and Lynch. Time: Three 15-minute periods.