Schedule May Include Short Week-End Trip--Final Trials for Acting Candidates Tomorrow Evening at 7.30

The Dramatic Club has planned three performances of Sacha Guitry's "Beranger" this spring. The productions will be held the evening of May 8 at Brattle Hall, the afternoon of May 10 at the Copley Theatre, and the evening of May 11 at Brattle Hall. A short week-end trip is being considered in addition.

The last trials for acting candidates will be held tomorrow evening at 7.30 in Room 5 of the Union. Men wishing to try out should sign the blue book at Leavitt and Peirce's. Regular rehearsals of "Beranger" will begin on Monday. The cast of characters will not be definitely decided on for some time, however.

More candidates are needed still in all branches of the competition. Men wishing to apply should come to Room 5 of the Union at 1 o'clock today.