Seven Members of University Team Will Compete in Intercollegiate Meet Tomorrow and Friday in New York

The University fencing team leaves this afternoon for New York to compete in the Intercollegiate Championship. Captain Burke Boyce '22, W. R. Brewster '22, E. H. Lane '24, and E. L. Lane '24, will enter the foils matches. J. S. Barss '22, J. K. Watson '23, and possibly C. J. Shearn Jr. '23 will compete in the epee bouts. In addition to the team, Roland Fleer '25, winner of the novice tournament this year, Paul Davier '24, and R. M. Morrison '24 will go to New York to enter the Clemens Medal Novice Championship, which will take place tomorrow morning Coach Danguy and S. H. Ordway Jr. 1L., captain of last year's team, will accompany the men.

Eight teams have entered the tournament this year. Of these, the University and the Navy are as yet undefeated. Columbia and Yale are also regarded as strong contenders. The latter team was defeated by the University on March 25. The matches will be held on two days, tomorrow and Friday.