The fact that two men, eligible for the University track team and selected for the spring trip, are unable to go because their grades in the April Examinations were not handed in at the Office in time for the Administrative Board to remove them from probation, brings to a head a cause of considerable annoyance. The same difficulty has been encountered on the crew squad, and other sports have also suffered. It is true that there is no reason for discrimination in favor of athletes or for any change in the present requirements necessary for reinstatement in good standing. But all April grades were due on April seventh. Instructors who comply are not doling out favors to any of their students, athletes or otherwise, but merely being on time in their reports. It may be said that any man who reaches the point where he can be put on probation deserves no consideration. At the same time it is discouraging in the extreme for any man to pull himself up out of the hole, satisfy all the requirements, only to find that his grades went in too late to enable him to take part in spring activities.