Mr. G. M. Fisher to Hold Conferences Today at P. B. H.

Mr. G. M. Fisher, secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association committee for Japan and Korea, will be in the Randall Room of Phillips Brooks House today from 10 until 1 o'clock and from 2 until 5 o'clock to hold conferences with all men who are interested in securing positions in either Kores or Japan. Mr. Fisher has had a long experience that entitles him to the position of an authority on the political, educational, social, and religious problems of both countries.

There are a few 15-minute conferences in the afternoon which are still open. Men wishing to see Mr. Fisher who have not already done so, should make arrangements at Phillips Brooks House this morning to fill one of these vacant periods. While the conferences are open to all members of the University, they will be of especial interest to Seniors and members of the Graduate Schools.