The work of the St. Paul's Society for the academic year 1921-1922 began with the usual reception for incoming students given in conjunction with Christ Church Parish in the Parish House on the first evening of the college year. The speakers were Rev. H. B. Washburn '91, Dean of the Episcopal Theological School, Mr. K. B. Murdock '16, Assistant Dean of the College, Rev. George L. Paine '96, new associate rector of Christ Church, and Dr. S. S. Drury '01 of St. Paul's School, Concord. About 100 students were present, of whom about 60 were Freshmen. The purpose and policy of the Society were explained and arrangements were made for a regular Sunday morning service at Christ Church at nine o'clock, the service on the first Sunday to be a Corporate Communion, replacing those held last year at the Cathedral.

For the first two weeks office hours were kept at Phillips Brooks House for all men who wanted social service work or had questions about any matter connected with the Church. Thereafter R. R. Golding '23, the social service secretary, took charge of assigning of positions and by the middle of November about 70 men were at work in Sunday Schools and boys' clubs in neighboring parishes. This branch of the Society's work has been more successful than in any previous year and there is every reason to expect it to continue.

Mmebership this year, as last, was made dependent on active work and sustained interest in Church affairs. On this basis eighty men were elected to membership at a meeting held on January 18th. This, too, is an increase over the membership of the preceeding year.

The Rev. George L. Paine '96 has been acting as Chaplain of the Society and great thanks are due to him for his unceasing efforts and especially for the nine o'clock Sunday services, which have been made possible only through his kindness. The attendance at these has been on the whole quite satisfactory and although there is large room for improvement, the Corporate Communions have been far more successful than those held elsewhere. There have also been occasional special speakers.

There have been two series of discussion groups, one in Advent led by the Rev. H. K. Sherrill of Brookine, the other to continue through Lent led by Mr. Paine.