Caple, Received by Observatory Brings Description of Comet-Was Observed at Cape of Good Hope on May 17

The Astronomical Observatory has received by cable an announcement of the discovery of a new comet by the astronomer Skjellerup at Cape of Good Hope Africa. The cablegram came from the International Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams at Brussels which sends word to the University of discoveries made observers in the castern hemisphere for the transmission to American astronomers.

The comet was observed on May 17 as its position on that day (.2500 Greenwich mean time) is given as right ascension 7 hours, 53 minutes, 44 seconds declination plus 19 degrees 39 minutes It was described as a fault object visible in a large telescope with a daily motion of 4 minutes of time easterly and 48 minutes of are northerly.

The cablegram, literally translated, would indicate the observation of a known comet, but it is assumed here at the observatory that it refers to a new one.