We called attention, in an editorial on April 6th, to the fact that a considerable minority of the undegraduates find their examination schedules this year crowded particularly in the first week. We explained the system on which the schedule was based, and pointed out a way in which much of this pressure due to crowding could be relieved without serious interference in the work of the various courses. The last day of classes this year is Wednesday, May 31st. As Tuesday, May 30th, is a holiday, this means that "Monday, Wednesday, Friday" classes meet twice that week, while those oh "Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday" finish the year at the end of the previous week.

If classes on next Monday and Wednesday are omitted, much of the tension of the first week of examinations will be relieved. The loss in most courses will be relatively small, as classes on the last day of the College year are in large measure unimportant. The two extra days freed under this plan will be greatly appreciated by most instructiors, who are generally buried is work at the end of the year, as well as by the students. The extra time for study will give all men with examinations in the first few days an equal chance with the more fortunate majority.

Since first makng this point we have heard no objection raised, and the considerable advantages of this plan, from the undergraduate point of view, at least, make ir advisable with the Finals around the corner, to bring it up again.