The class of 1922 will assemble on the steps of Widener Library this morning at 8.30 o'clock for the annual Senior picnic. The destination of the picnicers will be Idlewood Park, Wenham, and the trip will be made by motor trucks leaving Kirkland street near the New Lecture Hall. The Seniors will march to the trucks in parade formation.

In order that no stray outsiders may gain participation in the privileges of the day, each Senior will wear a special uniform consisting of a pair of white overalls and a black cap. A pair of blue swimming tights is also a necessary part of each man's equipment. The Cooperative Society will be open today at 7.45 A. M. to allow men to purchase uniforms.

Informal athletic contests will be held during the day, the picnicers returning about 4 o'clock in the afternoon in time for the baseball game with Williams. Each Senior is reminded to have with him his H. A. A. or season ticket.