Winner to Race Picked Yale Class Boat--Temporary Shift in Freshman Eight--Class of 92 Presents H. H. A. With 30 Foot Speedway Launch

The six foremost class crews are scheduled to meet today in the final class crew elimination contest of the season over the mile and seven eighth's course in the Basin, the winner to race the picked Yale class crew on the Housatonic on May 20. Although the wind yesterday prevented anything but work upstream, Coach Brown has picked the six crews on the basis of their work up to the present and has entered the first senior, the first three junior, and the first two sophomore eights. He has made it clear, however, that no matter who wins there are likely to be some changes in the boat before the race with Yale.

The first junior crew, stroked now by E. S. Matthews '23, is favored to win. In several races last week this eight showed its evident superiority to the other junior crew which was rated as one of the chief contenders for first honors. The Seniors have been bothered by a tendency to unsteadiness but if they can overcome this they should put up a good fight with R. C. Wolcott '22 at stroke. The Sophomores have a heavy powerful crew which has not shown very much speed so far, but which may be able to come through under the stress of the final race.

The unexpected illness of H. M. Bohlen, due to a serve attack of appendicitis, has made necessary a radical shift in the seating of the Freshman boat.

Bohlen's place at 7 was temporarily filled yesterday by G. R. Johnson, who rowed number 5 against Princeton and the Navy, while the four bow positions have undergone considerable re-allotment. with regard to the Freshman boating, however. Dr. Howe and the coaches have made it clear that the present seating represents only a tentative arrangement. Further shifts will probably he experimented with tomorrow, when it is likely that a definite announcement of the crew's seating will be made.

It was announced yesterday that in connection with the anniversary of its 30th graduation this June, the Class of '92 had presented to the Athletic Association for the use of the crew coaches a 30 foot 16 mile speedway launch. The boat bears the name "92"