Take Lead at Start and Finish in Fast Time a Length Ahead of Firsts--All Races to be on Standard Time

RED TOP, CONN., June 21, 1922.--

After a rainy morning in which none of the crews were out on the river and in which the oarsmen were given twenty minutes of calisthenics instead of the usual row, Dr. Howe sent all his eights out late this afternoon for their last hard work-out. The second University crew surprised the coaches by defeating Brown's eight in a mile race by a length in the excellent time of 4 minutes and 57 seconds with a favoring tide and wind.

The result was all the more surprising in view of the rather poor showing of the Junior crew yesterday, when in a two mile time trial with a following tide and a strong head wind the combination could do no beter than 11 minutes 32 seconds.

Yesterday afternoon Dr. Howe lined, up all his four crews together and set one against another for short sprints of a few hundred yards at a time, alternating this with paddles as far as the Navy Yard and back.

Today Coaches Howe and Corderry, Captain Gibson of Yale, and Captain Appleton of the University went over the course together with Chairman Chappell of the Regatta Committee and Referee Meikleham.

The annual races between Yale and the University begin tomorrow afternoon when the combination and graduate eights of the two universities clash on the Thames.

The first of the big races is scheduled for 10.30 o'clock Friday when the rival Freshman eights, with Yale a favorite meet over the two mile course, rowing downstream. Immediately after this will come the contest for the Junior crews, over the same course with the Crimson a slight favorite. The four-mile contest will be held at 5.30 o'clock in the afternoon. All the races will run according to Eastern Standard time.