Books are rapidly being thrown into the discard as the final examinations draw to a close. It is now that the weary student sells them to the second hand dealer for a mere trifie--by the pound, it would seem--and invests the proceeds in something far more refreshing. In the ecstasy of finishing his last blue book, he looses his sense of values and treats his books like old clothes.

At this psychological moment, the student should be confronted with "Do You Know!--Know where you can take your discarded books and receive full value in return--not in money, to be sure,--but in the realization that they will be of great use to many men who could not afford to buy them?" This is the Phillips Brooks House Loan Library which loans several thousand volumes to students at nominal fees every year; a valuable service--and one in accord with Carlyle's observation: "A true University of these days is a Collection of Books."