Plans to Stimulate Discussion in Matters Peculiarly Affecting the Student -- Organization Committee Appointed by Debating Council

The first meeting of the Freshman Debating Club was held last evening under the auspices of the University Debating Council. R. S. Bowers '24, president, and Philip Walker '25, vice-president of the Council spoke, outlining in general the plans for the coming year, and explaining the purpose of the club.

The purpose of the club, it was stated, is not to hold formal debates, but to stimulate discussions of matters which peculiarly concern the student and which will prove of interest not only to those men interested in debating, but to men not affiliated in any way with the system of formal debates.

It was decided not to elect officers at this meeting, but to defer such election until a later meeting. To take charge of the work of organization and to propose plans for the next meeting, however, a committee was appointed by the president of the Council to consist of the following men: H. M. Hart '26, chairman; W. P. Exton '26, and F. S. Tupper '26, all of whom are members of the Freshman squad which is preparing to meet preparatory schools in February.