Mid-Years Start at 9.15 Except Those Scheduled for 2 o'Clock--All to be Three Hours in Length--Late-Comers Must Secure Special Permission

The list of times and places of mid-year examinations for today and tomorrow in College and Engineering School is printed below. Examinations begin at 9.15 A. M. except a few announced for 2 P. M. TODAY Anthropology 2  Emerson J Chemistry B  Geological Lect.-rm. Class. Arch. 1a  Sever 30 Class, Philology 39  Sever 18 Economics A Mr. Blackett's sects, B, E, O  Harvard 6 Mr. Bober's sects. K, R  New Lecture Hall Mr. Chamberlain's sects, G, P, X  Harvard 5 Mr. Fagg's sects. D, I, N, W,  New Lecture Hall Mr. Gardner's sects. F, V  Zoological Lect.-rm. Mr. Heath's sects. J, Q, Y  New Lecture Hall Mr. Masson's sect. T  Harvard 3 Mr. Roberts's sects. H, M, U  New Lecture Hall Mr. Untereiner's sects. C, L, S  Zoological Lect.-rm. Economics 4a Berolzheimer-Emond  Sever 5 Fairbank-Kole  Sever 6 Lally-Morse  Sever 8 Newcomb-Zinn  Sever 11 Engineering 141  Pierce 213 Fine Arts 1a  Fogg Lecture-room Fine Arts 2b  Robinson French I, I, II, III  Emerson D German 8  Sever 18 German 25a  Emerson D Government 4  Harvard 2 Greek B, II  Sever 30 History 13a Abrams-Livingstone  Sever 29 Lucas-Wood  Sever 31 Italian 10  Sever 30 Mathematics A, V  Sever 24 Mathematics C II Prof. Kellogg's sect. 1a  Sever 35 Mr. Stone's sect. 1b Brockunier-Gillam  Sever 35 Mr. Stone's sect. 1b Henderson-Sullivan  Sever 36 Mathematics 2, III  Sever 36 Mathematics 13  Sever 24 Mathematics 24a  Sever 18 Mineralogy 12  Mineral Laboratory Music 5  Emerson D Philosophy 3  Emerson D Philosophy 9a  Emerson D Psychology 23  Emerson J Spanish 7  Sever 18 2 P. M. Comparative Literature 12 Abbott-Byington  Emerson A Campbell-R. G. Miller  Emerson D S. I. Miller-Thiessen  Emerson J Thompson-Zinn  Sever 11 TOMORROW Botany 6  Emerson J Chemistry 22  Emerson D Economics B Adams-Grogan  Harvard 5 Harris-Wyman  Harvard 6 Economics 34  Harvard 5 Engineering 211  Pierce 213 Engineering 224  Sec Physics 17 Engineering Sciences 3 Section I. Atkinson-W. F. Wyman  Pierce 302 Section II, Altmann-G. R. Wyman  Pierce 307 Engin Sciences 3b  Robinson French 3  Emerson C French 23 hf  Emerson J Government 15  Emerson J Greek 7 hf  Emerson J Metallurgy 8  Hotch Building Music 1  Emerson D Physics 17 hf  Emerson A Psychology 10  Emerson J Social Ethics 25  Emerson J