Letter Shows Young Boy Already Saving to Come to the University

Even the ten year olds in Arkansas look toward Harvard with longing eyes according to a letter received by a member of the department of Social Ethics from a woman probation officer of the juvenile court of Union country, El Dorado, Arkansas. The letter is printed below.

"Just a few days ago, the brightest little chap was in our office for some slight offence. He is ten years old, and his name is Brandall Bryant. He sells papers during vacation, and proudly announced that he had $200 in the bank that he had saved himself. When I asked him what he was saving his money for, the lifted his head and said, 'Why I'm going to Harvard, when I get through school.' The point of this preamble is that isn't there literature that you can send him so that he will be really interested in Harvard and feel that Harvard is interested in seeing him prepare for it? I know tat you have the pick and choice of the country, but he is such a fine, smart, little lad, that I feel and college ought to be glad to have him. If it is not too much, would you have a minute to write him a few words? You see how much audacity I have where my boys are concerned."