Meeting of Committee of Economic Research Schedules Many Sessions--Members Will See Holy Cross Game

A list of speaker prominent in business and economic research will lead the discussion at the fifth annual conference of the Harvard Committee of Economics Research, which began last night with a meeting at the Hotel Somerset and which continues with a series of meetings today.

The conference is a national gathering of subscribers to the Harvard Economis Service, which is directed by the Committee of Economic Research. This service was established several years ago to conduct investigation and research in business, indutrial and economic fields and publish its findings in bulletins for subscribers to the service.

"The Business Outlook" was the topic considered by the convention in its preliminary session last night. Addresses were delivered by Professor Charles J. Bullock and Professor Warren M. Persons, both of the Committee of Economic Research. A general, informal discussion the meeting.

An all day schedule of meetings will occupy the members of the conference today. This morning two sessions will meet in the Hotel Somerset at 10 o'clock.

Value of Index is Subject Today

The first session will discuss the value of the index of general business conditions maintained by the Harvard economic service. Professor Charles J. Bullock and Professor Homer B. Vanderblue '15, both of the Committee will speak on the interpretation of the index. The application of the index to the individual business will then be discussed by members of the Committee and prominent busines men of the country. Professor Leonard W. Crum of the committee will be the first speaker. He will be followed by Mr. Charles b. Hammond '80 of the Acme Wire Company, New Haven, Conn., Mr. Joseph H. Barber, of the Walworth manufacturing Company, Boston, and Mr. Anson B. Gardner '15, of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company of New York City. Each of these men will discuss the value of the Harvard economic service as applied to his particular company. The speaking will be following again by general discussion.

Prof. Persons Will Tell of Problems

At the second morning session. Professor Warren M. Persons of the Committee will speak on some of the problems encountered by the Economic Service in its analysis of business cycles.

In the afternoon the Harvard-Holy Cross game will furnish a relaxation for members of the conference. In the evening they will meet again at a dinner in the Harvard Club at 6.45.

President A. Lawrence Rowell will be the principle speaker at the final meeting which will follow the dinner. He will speak of the accomplishments, and results of the committee's review of economic statistics during the past five years. The subsequent speakers will be Mr. Howard Coonley '98, president of the Walworth Manufacturing Company, Mr. Jesse Isadore straus '93, president of R. H. Macy and Company, and Professor Charies J. Bullock, chairman of the Committee on Economic Research.