Issuees Warning Statement and Threatens Discipline for Offenders

Auto racing on Hanover streets is rapidly becoming thoroughly organized according to word received from Dartmouth yesterday. In fact four accidents by college students in the last week indicate its growing popularity. But the ban has fallen, not at the hands of local authorities but by the college officials, who have sent out the following word of caution:

"Within a week there have been four accidents of a serious nature because of fast or careless driving of cars by undergraduates. This fact seems to justify a word of caution.

"Further, it is now credibly reported that more or less organized races between Hanover and Burlington and Hanover and Boston are planned for the near future. We, therefore, wish to state that participation by any undergraduate in such races on the public highway is absolutely prohibited, and will render the participant liable to the severest discipline. "(Signed)   "CRAVEN LOYCOCK, Dean.   "E. GORNON BILL,   "Dean of Freshmen."