A hard fought football game between Exeter and the Harvard Freshmen on Soldiers Field on Saturday afternoon finally resulted in a 12-9 victory for the Freshmen after a long tussle in which Exeter held for a time the ascendency.

The game began with a brief punting duel, after which the Freshman team got into fighting trim and took the ball from their own 40 yard line on a 60 yard jaunt across the Exeter goal line. A holding penalty started the Freshmen 15 yards on their way. Then Zarakov, Miller and Coady combined to rush a first down. The next first down came on a forward pass from Zarakov to Hamlen, which left the ball on the Exeter 30 yard line. Then Zarakov, Miller and Coady took up the march again, Miller finally carrying the ball across from the three yard line. Zarakov missed the goal.

With Exeter leading the Harvard Freshmen 9-6 in the final period of the game, a sudden blocked kick gave the Freshman a chance to score their winning points. Daley blocked Eiliot's punt on the Exeter 25 yard line. The ball bounded toward the Exeter goal line, and Robinson recovered for the Freshman on the seven yard line. Zarakov then gained five yards and Miller rushed the ball over. Zarakov missed the goal, making the final score 12 to 9 in favor of the Freshmen.

For the Freshmen the work of the whole backfield was excellent, and Daley and Robinson did good work in the line. Elliott was the star for Exeter both for his punting and his broken field running.