The Right Reverend Nathan Soderblom, the Lutheran archbishop of Upsala and primate of Sweden, who has been traveling in America for the past two months, will speak this evening in the New Lecture Hall at 8 o'clock. The subject of Archbishop Soderblom's lecture, which will be open to the public, is "The Scholar, the Ascetic, and the Hero in Religion,--Erasmus, Loyola, and Luther."

The primate has come to America at the invitation of the Swedish Lutheran Churches of America, and since his arrival in America in September, he has been touring the country, lecturing and visiting various American Universities. He reached Cambridge on Saturday.

Archbishop Soderblom is the youngest man ever chosen archbishop in his native country. The crosier, the carved golden cross which he carried in Appleton Chapel on Sunday is the symbol of his office. The primate is the sixty-fifth archbishop of Upsala to have born this crosier, which has been handed down to each succeeding archbishop since 1228.

Has High Reputation as Scholar

Besides his eminent clerical position, the archbishop has a high reputation throughout Europe as a scholer and a religious historian. He is now Vice Chancellor of the University of Upsala. He was the first Swedish student to take the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris, and he has also received degrees at Oxford, Leipzig, and several of the Universities of Germany and Sweden.

Although extremely liberal in his views, the Archbishop may be said to have a Medieval conception of religion and political unity. It is to help to attain that ideal that he is now traveling in America. He has been devoting much time to uniting the Church of England and the Swedish Lutheran church, and ultimately all the Protestant churches of the country. Since the peace treaty of 1919, he has been working for the political as well as the religious unification of Europe. He has been studying many international problems in connection with the League of Nations. Believing that much of the present world trouble is due to the great intensification of national ideas, he has come to America to aid in the interchange of ideas from nation to nation and the diminishment of national animosities.