Metropolitan Reporters Appear and Leaders Fearing Publicity, Retire

Interference by the metropolitan press caused the "temporary postponement" of the first meeting of the Blue Shirt Club which was to have been held yesterday at 1.30 o'clock in the Randolph Hall Beakfast Room. It had originally been announced that all members of the University who wear or are interested in wearing blue shirts would meet at that time and organize.

Before 1 o'clock, however, six representatives of various Boston newspapers had appeared at Randolph Hall to report the proceedings of the meeting, Fearing undesirable publicity, the executive committee of the new club locked the door of the Breakfast Room, and posted on it a notice to the effect that the public meeting had been cancelled for the time being. By 1.30 o'clock, over 50 members of the University, exclusive of reporters, came to Randolph, read the notice, and went away again.