Members of University Debating Council and Debating Union to Speak

The University Debating Council and Harvard Debating Union will jointly organize a Freshman discussion club this evening at 7 o'clock in the Smith Halls, Common Room. Philip Walker '25, president of the Debating Council, F. E. Bowman '24, secretary of the same organization, and Charlton MacVeagh '24, who will represent the Debating Union, will speak.

Officers of the organization will not be elected until after the first two or three bi-monthly meetings. In order that the Freshmen may begin to know the best speakers of their class a discussion will be held this evening on the question "Resolved; that the value of extra-curriculum activities justifies their present status." The three addresses of the upper classmen will not last more than 15 minutes and the remaining 45 minutes will be devoted to discussion.