Will Again Supervise Entire Production--First Performance to be Held Early in April--Spring Trip Planned

Work on the spring theatricals of the Basty Pudding Club will begin actively on Monday, December 10, when all manuscripts for the 1924 Hasty Pudding show will be handed in. Nearly a dozen men have been working in competition during the past two months writing books for the show.

On Monday, these manuscripts will be submitted to the Hasty Pudding Theatrical Committee which will consider the various contributions during the week and announce the winning book on the following Monday, December 17.

During that week prospective composers and lyricists will be called together to begin work on the music numbers of the play. A meeting will also be held within the next week all members of the club who wish take part in the show. Although the cast and chorus will not be pick until after the Christmas vacation, this preliminary meeting will give the producers an opportunity to size up the material which will be available the show.

First Performance in April

The first performance of the play will come early in April in the renovated Hasty Pudding theatre. The company will go on tour during the spring recess, probably playing at Baltimore, Washington, and New York. After vacation the final performance will be given in Boston.

Mr. Louis Silvers, who directed the musical numbers of the Pudding show in 1922 and the entire production 1923, has again been chosen to direct this year's play. Mr. Silver has serve as the musical producer for Al Jolse and is also prominent as a composer of popular music.