Films Showing Old Mexican Ruins First Seen in the United States

"Exploration in Maya Cities" was the subject of a lecture delivered in Pierce Hall last evening by Franz Blom, first year, graduate student in the Division of Anthropolgy and former inspector of archaeological monuments for the government of Mexico. Mr. Blom's lecture dealt with the recent discoveries which have been made in Yucatan and Central America, where many traces of ancient civilizations have been found. The lecture was illustrated by three reels of moving pictures, showing the ruins of the Maya cities of Chichen-itza, Uxmal, and Palenque. As an introduction Mr. Blom described the ancient inhabitants of these cities. The men painted their bodies and festooned their hair.

Evidences of a highly developed state of civilization were found in the hieroglyphic system and calendar of the Maya people. Their public buildings were uniquely decorated with the heads and coiling bodies of snakes. The films, which showed principally the ruins of the ancient temples, are the property of the Mexican government and have never before been exhibited outside of Mexico.