Petitions for Additional Nominations Must be Handed in at Crimson Bldg. by 7 Tonight--Election on Friday--Sophomore Poll Watchers Announced

A petition to nominate Edward Reed Nash Jr. of Brookline for the vice-presidency of the Freshman class was accepted last night by the Committee on Freshman elections of the Student Council. All petitions for further nominations must be handed in at the Crimson Building before 7 o'clock tonight.

The Committee has appointed the following Sophomores to watch at the polls on Friday, February 23:

In Sever Hall

8.30-9. Mason Hammond, W. H. Gratwick

9-10.--J. C. H. Bonbright, Ranlet Miner.

10-11.--H. deF. Lockwood, E. C. Herrmann.

11-12.--L. O. V. Mann, Philip Spalding.

12-1.--P. H. Theopold, W. W. Ingraham.

In Standish Hall Dormitory

8-9.--P. W. Chase, Lawrence Morris.

9-10.--Morrison Mills, H. T. Dunker.

10-11.--Julius Wadsworth, J. P. Whittall

11-12.--W. P. Beal, A. B. Harlow.

12-1.--J. B. Tailer, Hiller Innes.

1-2.--Boles Penrose, Lovell Thompson.

2-3.--P. D. Trafford, G. S. Mumford.

3-4.--B. F. Rice-Bassett, G. D. Burgess.

4-5.--F. P. Dunne Jr., W. B. Pringle Jr.

5-6.--L. M. Gibb.

If any men find that the hours assigned conflict with other College engagements or activities, they should notify F. G. Akers '25 at 6 Holyoke Place, as soon as possible.